Saturday, March 5, 2011


I'm going through a prayer guide that Jonathan bought in college: Guide To Prayer put out by Reflective reading for today from Prayers for the Christian Year by William Barclay:
O God, our Father, we know our own weakness.
Our minds are darkened,
and by ourselves we cannot find and know the truth. Our wills are weak,
and by ourselves we cannot resist temptation, or bring to its completion that which we resolve to do.
Our hearts are fickle,
and by ourselves we cannot give to you the loyalty which is your due.
Our steps are faltering,
and by ourselves we cannot walk in your straight way.
So this day we ask you,
To enlighten us,
To strengthen us,
To guide us,
That we may know you, and love you, and follow you all the days of our life.
Give to your church your blessing and your protection.
Guide her in her thinking,
that she may be saved from the heresies
which destroy the faith.
Strengthen her witness,
that she may bring no discredit on the name she bears.
Inspire her in her fellowship,
that those who enter her may find within her your friendship and the friendship of their fellow men.

This really spoke to my heart.

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