Thursday, November 4, 2010

Waiting for God

So, here I am. I'm waiting for God. As usual. Again. Always.
See, I'm a Church Planters Wife. I know my blog title is "This is the Life" and I guess it implies that I have it made and couldn't ask for anything more. And I do. And I couldn't. But that doesn't mean it's easy. It's the opposite. It's the hardest thing I've ever had to do. On so many levels. I have to watch all my "best laid plans gang aft aglay" or however it goes. I have to watch my kids live out my sacrifice. I have to let God completely strip me and remake me in His image, with His characteristics, agendas, passions and plans. And, what's worse in so many ways, watch my husband go through those same refining moments.
We have always been ministers. From the moment of our separate callings, God has had His hand and agendas on our lives. We have definitely resisted and fought, sometimes tooth and nail, against those agendas. But God is just so funny in that whole "sovereignty" thing. He's nothing if not stubborn!
After 3 years in youth ministry, we found a compelling push on our hearts to church plant. Well, that's putting it politely. Not to venture too far into theological arguments, but the call to Gospel plant was, truly, irresistible. God left us no other options. We quit, or were politely excused from, out positions with our church, and set out into the wild blue yonder to chase God and this new dream.
So here I sit. Waiting again. What is He up to today?
If you wait on God a lot. If you are a planters wife. If you have prayed for more passion, more patience, more Presence in your life. I have NO ANSWERS for you. But you are welcome to share my journey here. Saddle up your horses (as the great Steven Curtis Chapman has been known to say)

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