Friday, February 4, 2011

Lessons Learned in the Snow

So, we have snow here in Temple Texas. I know that shouldn't be headline news, but when "snow" and "Texas" come in the same sentence, it usually is. And I feel like God is giving us a little preview, "warming us up" if you'll allow the completely inappropriate use of that saying. And in the process, I have learned some very valuable lessons from these snow days.

1. Mittens prefer the single life. No matter how well you pack them away in pairs, they get divorced in the summer and one of them wanders away. So, in the flurry of getting everybody bundled up to go play in the one and only snow of the year, somebody ends up with mismatched mitten hands. Luckily Gideon didn't mind having one black and one blue mitten as long as he got to make snowballs and a snow man.

2. Mom should always put on her gloves LAST! Trying to zip zippers, tie ties, button buttons, evenly distribute tiny fingers inside of tiny gloves and buckle shoes on with gloves on is nearly impossible and will most likely result in some of your glove getting zipped into their coat. Much better to just wait until you are walking out the door to don your own hand warmers.

3. Those cute crocheted or knitted cotton mittens are only cute inside the house. Outside, in the snow, they morph from "mittens" into "moisture catchers". They are also magnetic to snow, where they accumulate it en mass and your hand actually becomes a snowball. They are slightly warmer than barehands in the snow, but perhaps less helpful than say, socks pulled over your hands. Thank heavens next year we will be in a place with a larger selection of water-proof hand coverings

4. Snow Play is a 1:3 ratio for energy output. Don't give in to cabin fever. Release the hounds to play in the snow. One hour of snow play in the back yard or driveway building a very sad, pathetic snowman, no taller than Gideon, was the same as spending 3 hours at a park or playground. Once we returned to the warm indoors all of my kids (and my husband) passed out on couches and had a good nap. As long as you are bundled up well enough, snow play is aerobic!

5. Stock up on Coffee Supplies!! This is an important one that goes overlooked I fear. Everyone knows to stock up on food and milk. But we often overlook the very necessary staple of caffeine for snow days. And remember that each child you have present will increase the amount of coffee needed exponentially. So, don't forget the beans, cream and honey before the next snowflake falls!

6. There's no shame in Movie Madness Day! When the weather is blustery and the natives get restless, there's nothing like some Peter Pan or Larry Boy to bring the energy down a notch and keep the house livable! I try not to plug my children in, but once I got tired of bundling them up only to take it all off for a bathroom break, I called upon the awesome power of Larry Boy and his super suction ears!

7. The beauty of my small children experiencing the wonder and magic of God's beauty takes my breath away and brings tears to my eyes. EVERY TIME.

And of course, as I type this, it's mostly melted and we're back to soggy, Texas winter. But this day has been a blessing and a much needed rest for my over-worked Kindergartner and my overworked husband. Thank you God for snow!

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